Rootless Launcher


Use Pixel launcher on practically any smartphone


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Rootless Launcher adds in an extra layer of customization options when using Launcher3 by AOSP. Basically, it simulates the original Google Pixel launcher, and hence allows you to adopt the better aesthetic features it provides. Plus you can use it on any smartphone regardless of its brand.

Open up your app drawer using a vertical touch gesture, use a specific profile for your icons, add in a semi-transparent interface, or even activate the characteristic pill-shaped search button common to the latest pure Android versions.

Straight off the bat right from your settings menu within the launcher you'll choose from a variety of optional changes you can set up including the possibility to horizontally swipe in order to open up Google's own news site. Or even add in a customized package of icons, activate dark mode or throw in some notification bubbles for added flair.
By Erika Okumura

Android 5.0 or higher required.